You’re doing something that many others only dream of doing.  You’ve taken that step and started your own business.

You followed your dreams, held tight to your passion and entered the world of entrepreneurship.  Of course, no one knows the challenges and set-backs that you faced along the way.  Your struggles with long hours of work, juggling meetings, presentations and deadlines just to satisfy others.  In the end, you put together everything that was required to start your own business.  The question is, have you done everything possible?  Is there something still missing?

Do you question some of the costs associated with your budget, but unsure as to what they really are?  Do you take into account all the hours put into your business, yet, you still believe that you should have done more?  In essence, do you feel that there is something holding you back and keeping your business from achieving its goals?  If that’s the case, this could be the perfect opportunity to bring on a small business coach.  There are 3 signs that indicate you and your business may need help.

1.  The biggest mistake a business owner can make is thinking they can do it alone.  Do you often wonder that if you had the answer to a specific question, everything would be alright?  Even if you had the answer to every question about your business, you still wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything.  Why?  There just isn’t enough time during the day.

Owners and leaders must prepare for a shift in business, which includes the standard thinking of completing all tasks individually and moving towards collaboration.  Businesses must learn the practice of working together to achieve a common goal.  Henry Ford knew this best and stated “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Can you carry-out a sales plan with little or no effort, but for some reason find it difficult to layout a simple all-inclusive plan regarding your business?  Are you good at hiring the right people to work for you, but somewhat awful at finding them?  Do you score big with every sales call, but suck when it comes time to seal the deal?

There’s no doubt, at some point everyone has wished they possessed all the skills and talent to get everything done (and done right).  Unfortunately, we are still human and cannot stand out in everything.  The good news is, there are specialists that can help – small business coaches.  Relevance2 is where you will find the business coaching from an experienced professional who becomes your confidant and works with you on business issues until they are resolved.  Just remember, there is only one thing worse than ignoring your weaknesses, and that is completely failing to recognize any of them at all.



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