No matter how talented you are or how much experience you have, running a small business can be challenging. You may think you are smart enough, have the talents or even the experience. But, the truth is you may be holding yourself back from the success you deserve.

Take a look at some of the legends in the business world today. Sir Richard Branson who risked everything on a single jet to eventually become one of the world’s top airlines, Virgin Airlines. Yet, he didn’t do it alone. Warren Buffet continues to lead as one of the wealthiest men in the world. Yet, he didn’t do it alone. Pierre Omidyar’s dream started in his living room selling collectibles through an online auction site back in 1995. That venture evolved into one of the top internet sites today, eBay. And, guess what? He didn’t do it alone.

Brilliant ventures, brilliant ideas, all launched by individual’s with big dreams. And, even though they were in charge, they still didn’t do it alone. What made the difference for them? They sought advice outside their circles, with people who offered a different approach. People who looked at things differently and offered a different perspective in regards to managing a business.

We never hear about those outsiders from any of the success stories. Yet, those outsiders brought something new to the table. Some offered their experience; others brought their successes, and even their failures. But, most of all, they offered something different.

Whether it’s management or small business owner, nothing is more important than the advantages of new opportunities. The question is, whether or not you can afford to do it alone?