Many business owners struggle with the idea of handing out responsibility.  How many times have you found yourself wishing for someone that you could delegate things to?    Yet, you are constantly understaffed and confused as to the precise set of hands that you need.  In reality, it boils down to a matter of trust, and the uncertainty of who will make the best fit for your team.  The problem, however, is that many small business owners feel they must do everything on their own.

2.  As a business owner, feeling understaffed does not mean that your business needs more people.  Often, the solution is just having an extra pair of eyes, a person who can measure your business from a different perspective.  This is the role of a small business coach, the second pair of eyes that your business needs from an outside perspective.  Think of it more in this way.  You may see a member of your team as being the best candidate for a certain position.  Yet, a small business coach may determine that the individual might be better suited in another area of your business.  Placing an employee in the right position is one of the best ways for increased productivity.  On top of that, it will help to reduce costs and improve the feeling that you’re not delegating enough responsibility.

Just remember, delegating responsibility is often seen as a two-way process in management.  Inadequate skills in delegation can easily lead to confusion with other people.  It also causes frustration and the inability to achieve specific tasks.  As business leaders, having the ability to delegate responsibility is often considered one of the top leadership and management skills today.  Being able to delegate will help develop the people in your organization through motivation.  It also saves time, the most important aspect for a successful business.  Discover how an outside perspective can change the future of your business forever.