In order for people to be productive, they must have the ability to complete tasks.  However, they must also understand what is holding them back from being productive and what they can do to prevent it.  Getting control of your productive side can easily be the secret of achieving success in your life.

With the hustle and bustle of today’s busy lifestyle, so many things can get in the way of being productive.  These things can ultimately cause distractions that can lead to some disappointing results with many of the goals that we set in life.

Of course, don’t get confused over the daily distractions that fill our lives.  It’s time for breakfast, what’s in the local news, your sick, the kids need a ride to school, your child has a dentist appointment, your child is sick, the carpet needs cleaning, the car needs repairs, the dog is sick, pick up the dry cleaning, it’s lunchtime, attend the soccer game, and don’t forget about dinner, but what about groceries?  Most people get tired just thinking about these daily routines in life.  Guess what, it’s part of life and nobody promised that it would be easy.  These are the little things in life that exist, and in order to overcome them you must learn to accept them.

Many people survive these day-to-day distractions without having to pull their hair out.  But, there has to be a secret, right?  Something that organizes our lives in somewhat of a  structured manner and keeps many of us from going crazy.  Well, it’s actually not a secret at all.  In fact, the solution has been around for years.

It’s called a to-do-list!

Some of you might be thinking, that’s nothing new…and you’re right.  But, the question is whether or not you use a to-do-list the right way.  You see, if a to-do-list is used in the right way, a person will realize that there is enough time to complete all the daily tasks presented in life.

The problem is, most people automatically tell themselves that there is not enough time during the day to get everything done.  It’s what we think can be done versus what can actually be accomplished.  That’s why to-do-lists can be your most effective tool in being productive.  To-do-lists remove the possibility of thinking about doing something and actually doing it.  They also remove that chance of possibly forgetting to do things.

But remember, a to-do-list is more than just notes on a piece of scratch paper.  A to-do-list must be functional.  It means removing tasks as they are completed, not just crossing or scratching them out, but rewriting your list on a daily basis.  Refreshing your list may seem a bit repetitive, but so is brushing your teeth.  Just because you brush your teeth at night,  doesn’t mean that you don’t brush them again in the morning.

In the end, a to-do-list can be the simplest way for you to be in control and be more productive in your life.  And, one last thing to remember…To-do-lists must be a habit!