Relevance2 is an interdependent board of advisors for successful business growth organizations. Through uniquely formatted monthly sessions and one-on-one coaching, Relevance2 provides business organizations a trust-based and facilitated approach for the organization’s leadership team to help spur and manage growth. Relevance2 is specifically designed for business growth in medium to small markets.

“Relevance2 facilitators are comprised of successful business owners/leaders that are dedicated to helping Relevance2 members in seeking to attain excellence in life balance …as leaders of their organization and as a responsible family head, citizen, and community/church supporter.  A Relevance2 facilitator is the linchpin that coordinates the educational program, problem solving and the opportunity examination for his or her group of members.  The facilitator always lives in the constant appreciation of the risk and stress within which the Relevance2 members operate.”

The members of a Relevance2 group are composed of leaders of successful small to mid-sized companies who have been required to assume numerous roles in their growth history …roles for which they may not have had experience or specific skills. In addition, these leaders are often isolated from the resources available to larger organizations …caught in the space between start-ups and large, established businesses. Relevance2 steps forward to help guide these leaders through personal and business growth with its special positive business format.

Key Elements…

  • Monthly sessions in a secure, confidential environment.
  • Relevance2 is truly a “peer group”. Members are leaders of similar sized organizations.
  • Industry exclusivity within each group
  • A flexible and dynamic system that reflects modern business problems and market dynamics
  • Workshops conducted by outside experts to hone leadership and business skills
  • One-on-One coaching with an experienced and skilled facilitator
  • Access to website, blogs, podcasts, and other on-line learning tools
  • A uniquely crafted curriculum that ensures viable internal leadership growth for the future




Our mission

Relevance2 is a value laden business resource to serve business leaders of small to mid-sized companies through their critical growth phases …now and in the future.


Larry-Anderson-Business-CoachFor the past 25 years L.D. Anderson has been dedicated to advancing business leadership potentials of business owners and executives who command small to mid-sized growth organizations. Steeped in entrepreneurship and business growth stimulation, Mr. Anderson’s founding of Relevance2 allows it to be the logical format for aiding qualified organizations’ leadership that seek next level planning, operations and profits. Mr. Anderson’s background extends from business ownership and operations to Executive Counseling. His techniques and guidelines used in Relevance2’s business coaching is a key element in developing next-level success for business owners/leaders.

Mr. Anderson lives his philosophy of “Life Balance” through his tenacity for helping business leaders succeed while enjoying the fruits of family, recreation and personal educational broadening.


Dick-Van-Schyndel-Business-CoachDick Van Schyndel for the past 15 years has been the Director of Operations for Northwest Nazarene University. He teaches operations and management courses in the undergraduate and MBA programs. He also “coaches” and facilitates continuing learning for the CEO’s at local private companies through his consulting business, “Relevance2”.

Prior to returning to Idaho, Dick held a variety of operations and finance positions at West coast aerospace companies at the middle management and executive management levels. His experience includes general manager of machine shop and assembly areas each with over 5,000 employees for McDonnell Douglas Corporation (Long Beach, Ca.), General Manager, Propulsion Systems for Rhor industries (San Diego, Ca.), and Vice President Operations for Pilkington Aerospace (Garden Grove, Ca.) and Sony Transcom (Irvine, Ca.).

Dick graduated with a degree in Accounting from Northwest Nazarene College in 1968. He subsequently continued his formal education at the University of Redlands (MBA) and Nova Southeastern University (ABD). He has been married to Kathy for 45 years and has two daughters, both living in Southern Idaho.


A sad but important update:

loss quotes

Relevance2 has suffered a huge loss in the recent passing of our friend and mentor, Dick Van Schyndel. Having recently retired from his professional position in the Northwest Nazarene University’s School of Business, Dick was beginning to navigate his way through the opportunities to travel and recreate. He made certain that his mentorship for the business members of Relevance2 was a major part of his retirement scheme. However, a benign brain tumor became a life ending entity that caused the loss of such a strong mind and such a loyal friend.


To Dick’s family we send our sincere sympathies.

To Dick’s friends, past students, and past and present Relevance2 members, we share the void.