Viral marketing is a term used in business to help marketers build awareness for a company, product or service. Viral marketing has also been referred to as Viral Advertising. The marketing method uses many different techniques that help to reach either the general public or a specific target market. Viral marketing is often based on limited promotional tactics, and relies on addictive forms that usually draw immediate attention from individuals. This attention is eventually passed on to others, and in return helps to create an advertisement for a given product, service or information about a company.

What ever delivery systems are used for the content of the viral marketing campaign, companies hope that people will inevitably pass it on. Whether it’s family members, friends, co-workers, or people from social media sites, the idea is to get the information passed on. Companies who are prepared, will generally have a brand and product information that will help to advertise and promote the business itself or a specific product.

Viral marketing is something that every small business and every other organization should be implementing. Competition is everywhere, and there is nowhere more evident of this than on the internet. This simply means that small businesses need to use every marketing strategy available. Although, more importantly it is the use of creativity that will ultimately make the difference.

For most small businesses, having a great product or service may not be enough to survive. People need to know about you, your product, and where you are located. Thanks to the internet, there exists a multitude of options when it comes to viral marketing. Everything from blogging, websites, videos, and social media have opened up new avenues for being creative. There is certainly nothing new about viral marketing, but the many methods available can definitely produce more effective marketing campaigns for your business.

Remember, one of the top reasons that businesses look at viral marketing are simply due to the low costs that are involved. Another advantage of viral marketing, especially for small businesses is the opportunity to create a buzz. This buzz can create an enormous amount of publicity for a company, and for a fraction of normal advertising costs. Of course, for viral marketing to be effective, it will simply boil down to the amount of creativity and imagination put into the marketing project.