female entrepreneurship

Move Over Corporate World Female Entrepreneurship Is Rising Fast

Whether you are aware of it or not, the marketplace has rapidly been changing before your eyes, and not because of some new gadget or some consumer driven fad. No, none of these are making the difference in the marketplace Read More


Don’t Wait for Your Business to Start Struggling

You may think of it as just another bad day, and bad days will happen no matter what. Businesses struggle each and every day, yet, business owners wait until the last minute to do anything about it. Why is that? The simplest explanation is


Get Your Ideas Viral

The video below entitled: How to Get Your Ideas to Spread was delivered over ten years ago from Seth Godin. A Best-Selling author and marketing expert, Godin makes use of promotional ideas that still exist today, thanks in


3 Simple Words for Being Productive?

In order for people to be productive, they must have the ability to complete tasks. However, they must also understand what is holding them back from being productive and what they can do to prevent it. Getting control of your productive side can easily be the


QR Code: A Hopeless Attempt at Marketing

Never heard of a QR Code? It’s that crazy looking square object filled with an assortment of black and white squares, sort of similar to the matrix of bar codes. In reality, it almost resembles