Who Are Your Competitors?

Often, who your competitors are is an easy question for most businesses, and one that can create many expectations when thinking about it. Yet, many small businesses and corporations as well generally lose


Can You Do It?

In 1963, a personal event changed the life of a young high school football coach and father. Art Williams was prepared for everything except his destiny. In April of that year, Art Williams father died of a sudden heart attack at the young age of


Leaders Often Make Mistakes By Ignoring Others

Sharing and distributing leadership could play an important role in responsible decision making. Watch the following video “Forget the Hero Leader, You Need a Company of Leaders”


What Matters Makes a Difference in Leadership

Of course, this doesn’t stop some people from self-promoting themselves with their own title of being a leader. Yet, for these same people there is little understanding of what


The Monument Has a Message

A short distance from Rapid City, South Dakota lies one of America’s most popular monuments. Not just a monument, but a symbol that represents the pioneering spirit and innovative thinking that creates wonders