In business, having to compete against other rivals is normal.  There’s nothing new to explain about competition in business that already exists.  On top of that, consider the planning and execution of marketing efforts that are driven to the extreme.

That’s why a business owner is often prepared for any competition.  How?  By differentiating their product or service.  After all, that’s what they were taught to do.

It’s the game where businesses demonstrate how their product or service is better.  And, an opportunity to shout that the cost is less.

Of course, consumers are not looking at product marketing in the same way businesses do.

Most businesses will get caught up in proving their products superior.  That’s just part of marketing.

What they should concentrate on is creativity.  It should be recommended of every business to create something different.  Imagine creating something new, something completely different.  Wouldn’t that be better at creating a buzz for a marketing campaign?