Qualities of Small Business Leadership

Qualities of Small Business Leadership

Company leadership, whether a small business or not, can be one of the most crucial resources to a business. This not only concerns business owners and CEO’s, but also the leadership qualities that run through the entire company or business itself. Every company or business can be diverse, therefore, various qualities will make-up a good business leader.

9 surprising traits of truly successful leaders

Many people are good bosses. Some people are great bosses.  A handful go even further: They’re phenomenal, not only because of what you see them do but also because of what you don’t see them do.  If you’re a truly phenomenal boss, what your employees see is far from everything they get.
1. You forgive… and more importantly, you forget.
When an employee makes a mistake — especially a major mistake — it’s easy to Read more here


How Other People View Business Leadership

Often, many people will see leadership with regards to the successful growth and building of a small business as merely a top down approach in leadership. That is, small business or not, leadership is viewed from the perspective of a CEO. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this type of thinking and overall vision of leadership, however, small business must look beyond this type of traditional thinking.


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