The video below entitled:  How to Get Your Ideas to Spread was delivered over ten years ago from Seth Godin.  A Best-Selling author and marketing expert, Godin makes use of promotional ideas that still exist today, thanks in part to the internet and the viral capabilities of social networking.

To help illustrate his presentation, Godin uses some amusing images to help bring his point across.  During his speech, he sheds light on the many ideas and well-known products that consistently pique our interests and highlights why these products go viral faster.  Watch as he combines humor and wisdom in getting your ideas to spread and become viral.

One thought on “Get Your Ideas Viral”

  1. It amazes me how Seth Godin always manages to bring forth the unconventional thinking and motivation. His teaching with marketing, sales and business are some of the greatest. I have always loved his example of the purple cow in being remarkable.

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