A Boise business coach will hold you as a business owner or leader accountable for what you do. A good business coach will also demand certain results from you.

Of course, Relevance2 is more than a business coach. Relevance2 is a membership comprised of specific groups of executives and leaders who share a number of common goals and objectives. Relevance2 is not just a coach and mentor, it is your sounding board, a place where you can talk about challenges and share success. It is a place where other minds at the table can help provide solutions to many problems. It is a place where challenges can be turned into potential business opportunities, and creating opportunities is only a part of what a Boise business coach can do for you.

Relevance2 business coaching is your own structured advisory board, where experience, knowledge, and creativity come together to form a membership in a private and select peer group. This is your CEO round-table. Through Relevance2, every group is professionally facilitated to assist the members in functioning as individual board of directors. Although, unlike many corporate round-tables which are dedicated solely to the needs of an individual business or organization, your round-table is comprised of various business owners and leaders who represent non-competing industries, but at the same time will often share similar profiles. This provides business owners and leaders the opportunity to share information, experiences, and a unique perspective that provides relevant support and advice to each member of the group.

Of course, that’s what makes Relevance2 so valuable.

Have you decided to take action or are you just hoping you will? Relevance2 offers a unique strategy with an Idaho Business Coach, coupled with an executive peer group membership … a group consisting of strong successful business minds at the table …formulates a winning model where resources and strategies are invaluable to meet the challenges every business leader faces today. YES! I WANT TO SPEAK WITH RELEVANCE2