Small Business Growth

Almost every business, no matter what it is takes a lot of effort and at times, even more hard work just to operate. Often, many people think that owning and operating a business only requires a simple idea, and once put into motion automatically blossoms into a success. Unfortunately, the results for untold thousands of would be entrepreneurs has been somewhat dismal. Success in the business world just doesn’t work that way. Success is something that doesn’t pop up over night, no matter what is being portrayed in the media.

Every small business must realize and experience positive growth, and sometimes the only way to experience business growth is through changes. Business owners and leaders should be open to the idea of change and what it can do for their business and for them personally. Often, a transformation is needed that will help your small business get to where it needs to be. For many, this transformation can be hard as it may require changes to existing procedures, processes, present systems, policies, and even a re-targeting of current customers. On top of that, it may even require one of the hardest decisions for a small business owner to make, and that is changing people within the organization. To say the least, positive growth for any business is not always an easy decision. But, if your small business is to survive it must incorporate some changes for future growth.

Making Changes Within Your Business

Most people, especially entrepreneurs, understand that a profitable business generally functions through specific systems within a business. Most of these systems are in place through certain procedures, processes, and policies, which help a business to maintain structure and efficiency. However, even with a good system in place, present or future growth may often dictate the changes that will be needed in the system. As an example, think of a business plan or marketing plan. Many of these plans will go through constant changes and updates as a business continues to outgrow its original plans. Some changes will often be minor adjustments, while other areas may require a complete transformation from the original concept.

It’s important for small business owners and leaders to understand where their business is now and where it needs to go. A good idea would be re-assessing your current strategies, long-term goals, and current policies and procedures. Find out if everything is working according to your original plans by reviewing your business plan, marketing plan, sales plan, and management plan.

  • Have you made consistent adjustments to your system to accommodate a specific product or service?
  • Is your business profitable, but unable to move forward?
  • And last, even though your business is functioning, do you sometimes feel that you are not in control?


Making the necessary changes in your small business is the best way to move forward and experience positive growth. Your knowledge and skills of business will increase, which means your understanding of business growth will get better as well. As your small business moves forward, some of the changes required can be viewed from a different level. This is the level of growth that is often the hardest for any small business owner to experience.


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