You’ve probably heard the saying before “follow the trends.” Well, that’s exactly what small businesses have been doing for the last few years. Many of the big companies here, especially those involved with manufacturing have been going abroad and utilizing cheap labor for years. Small businesses were left out of the loop and often found themselves at a disadvantage within the marketplace, until now.

Thanks too many resources from online labor or more specifically, online job marketplaces. Small businesses are stepping out and utilizing overseas contract workers in an effort to help reduce costs. This is not viewed as something temporary; in fact, it resembles something of a trend that will ultimately help to redistribute global wealth, as reported in a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Small businesses are now taking advantage of foreign labor in many popular areas such as software developers, translation, customer service representatives, online design, information technology, print design and more. However, one problem still exists for the inexperienced business owner that is seeking the right people to outsource with. Since the web is filled with job seekers from around the world, finding the right talent for a specific project could be a daunting task. Yet, there are a few sources available that can lend a hand in figuring out who might be good candidates for certain projects.

Of course, a small business in America might have some reservations as to hiring people located abroad. Questions concerning the quality of work and language barriers are just some of the examples for hesitation. There will always be something they have to consider before entering the online job marketplace, especially with many contractors from low-income countries.

Although activity and the increasing trend may be good for many small businesses, the opposite is true for the freelancers in America. They just can’t compete with the low wage earners from other countries. And, while many small businesses are reaping the benefits of online jobs, others are still struggling.

The questions many small businesses are faced with are the decisions outside their experience level. That’s the area for an experienced consultant and business coach. Someone that understands the areas of small businesses and how to best maneuver within the stages of growth. Whether it involves outsourcing a one-time project or filling a permanent position within a company, the small business coach is often your best friend in the area of decision-making.



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