Team training as a business owner or executive can be an exceptional and economical method to mentor professionals. Essentially, it develops an individual advisory panel for executives in a group setting. Imagine trying to receive that benefit within the span of an ordinary workday.

It’s basically a cost effective approach in training and coaching, especially since the costs to belong to a group can be much less as compared to the average costs for personal executive training. Between scheduled group training sessions, specific periods for personal coaching can be set-up, which usually require less time and attention and therefore costs may also be lower as well.

Generally, advisory group coaching will operate with a limited number of professionals in each group who may share similar strengths, weaknesses, related skills, and even encounter similar challenges or roadblocks. There is usually one primary meeting set monthly for everyone in the group, sort of a round table discussion and training session. This is where the business and executive coach facilitates the round table discussions between members of the group. As the facilitator, the executive coach or mentor can choose the proper time for training during the panel discussions. On top of that, every member in the group will have a monthly one-on-one progress interview as well as individual conference calls. The whole idea is to have the executives develop a closer relationship and eventually create their individual advisory group setting.

While executive group members may share similarities as far as work experience and skills are concerned, they will usually represent different industries. This helps to create a non-competitive atmosphere so each member can share information and knowledge without feeling threatened. Of course, the facilitator or mentor could have many different groups of executives and each group operating under different circumstances. For instance, an advisory group could be set up to handle team members who represent a single organization. The benefit of having teams in the same organization is the fact that choices and their conversations are pushed in the same direction, which helps the group achieve greater objectives and values.

Executive group coaching can definitely be one of the strongest experiences for you and your organization. The leaders of Relevance2 have been a part of the Treasure Valley region for more than 30 years now. You owe it to yourself and your organization to be the best at whatever you do. Contact Relevance2 and discuss the opportunity of joining an executive group today.

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