Every business, whether small or large would like to experience growth and higher profits. Unfortunately, many businesses will never reach their full potential. It is not just a matter of getting stuck along the way, although, that can definitely be a problem for any business. However, many problems that businesses face are due to leadership roles and the absence of decision making and problem-solving skills.

Every business will encounter some type of problems, whether it concerns day-to-day operations, employees, customer service, financial, and yes, even family related issues. Many business owners who encounter these issues eventually hit roadblocks, and upon doing so lose sight of what needs to be accomplished. Relevance2 business coaching works with leaders of small to mid-size organizations, and assists them to recognize the issues that are causing problems.

Relevance2 business coaching is the business leader’s answer!

Ask yourself these important questions…

  • Where do you find coaching from an experienced professional who becomes your confidant and works with you on business issues until they are resolved?


  • Where can you find intervention assistance on personnel issues from the members of a peer group and a group leader?


  • Where can you find “Focus Group” support on your most immediate and pressing issues from other members with related skill sets?


  • Where do you find an organization to help you introduce key members in your firm to cutting edge business strategies?


  • Where do you find frequent opportunities to do business with other peers that you trust?


  • What service offers you a developmental program while you are “at the wheel” managing ongoing business operations?


  • Where do you find a network of proven professional service providers to help you further develop key infrastructures in your organization?
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Relevance2 business coaching uses the Idaho Executive Business Coach division which provides an objective, outside evaluation of your organization. Business owners and leaders are often too close to any given situation making it difficult to see the opportunities that are available. A third-party can promote change through proven strategies and provide the reality check a business needs.
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