For one thing, investing in yourself doesn’t mean buying a new house or a fancy new car. Investing in yourself means something entirely different.

Simply put, investing in yourself has to do with expanding your horizons by improving your knowledge. Let’s face it, the internet is expanding each day and with it comes new technology and new information. Each and everyday advancements are being made with new technologies and many of the old programs, systems and processes are fast becoming outdated. Many of these common processes are already updating on a daily basis and without the proper knowledge a person can easily start falling further and further behind.

A lot of small business owners may soon discover that the advancements being made will eventually produce challenges in learning. The biggest challenge facing these individuals will definitely be the lack of time.

Warren Buffett on investing in yourself

Make no mistake about it, technology is moving faster than many people can comprehend. Many small business owners will obviously need to keep pace or ultimately face the consequences of their competition moving ahead. Quite simply, expanding your knowledge and skills that directly relates to your business shouldn’t be a matter of decision, but more to do with action and the steps you take. Improving your knowledge in your specific area of expertise should never be considered a waste of time, energy or money. It should, however, be considered an investment in the future of your business.

Tony Robbins on investing in yourself

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