Marketing Momentum for small business

Why so many small business owners neglect their marketing momentum

Let’s face it, as a small business owner, your success will often depend on your capacity to build and maintain marketing momentum. This simply means that you must produce additional sources of leads, without it, your business will not achieve the positive growth that it needs. A Boise business coach can recognize the crucial need for maintaining marketing momentum, and how specific planning and strategies can be implemented to help business owners.

Sadly, many small business owners simply neglect certain opportunities that can help promote their business. Even though marketing is a key strategy for survival, many small business owners will ignore it and try to push forward. Part of this is due to unsuccessful attempts at marketing where their efforts have produced nothing. Because of that, they often feel that marketing on any level is simply a waste of time and money. On the other side of the coin, many small business owners who have been established for a while often miss the boat when it comes to new opportunities. They ultimately fail at recognizing what is around them for generating any kind of new business.

Several months ago I was chatting with a friend who operates a repair shop. Since I was involved with writing a marketing plan for a project, I was curious as to how his business generates sales and leads. His response was very typical of many small businesses. Almost everything in regards to sales was based on referrals. Nothing wrong with that idea, in fact, many small businesses and organizations rely on referrals. Of course, what happens when the referrals dry up? In this scenario, there is no marketing momentum as his plan is basically limited to only one strategy.

Relevance2 business coaching can help small business owners who struggle with their strategies in marketing, by developing and using tools that will build momentum. Using effective strategies and tools such as networking, events, PR, podcasting, videos, websites, blogs, social media, email marketing, plus a host of other valuable resources. On top of that, a small business coach Boise Idaho can assist business owners to monitor their marketing momentum by measuring results. Understanding how to measure effective marketing strategies can help a small business discover what is working and what is not. Measuring these results will provide you with the opportunity and ability to improve momentum and increase the growth of your business.

Now is the time to move forward with your marketing

Choosing a business coach Boise Idaho such as Relevance2 can increase a whole new set of opportunities for you. Contact us today and discover how implementing marketing momentum strategies can improve the results for your business.