Next time you visit your local grocery store, deli, gas station, restaurant,  even your doctor’s office, chances are you’ll probably see some type of a QR Code.  Never heard of a QR Code?  It’s that crazy looking square object filled with an assortment of black and white squares, sort of similar to the matrix of bar codes. In reality, it almost resembles a maze of some sort.  Nevertheless, QR stands for Quick Response and is simply a way to load information faster onto most mobile devices.  The idea is to scan a QR Code with your mobile and the information that is detailed within the label should transfer immediately.

Of course, most people are still trying to understand the real purpose of the code. After all, what makes it so special?

QR Codes originally started as a way to track inventory and parts for the automotive industry.  Until some marketing geniuses came up with the idea of using the codes to store and transfer data and other information for consumer products.  Some businesses claim success using the QR code, but others are still waiting for that mad rush of customer response.

Check out this video on the use of QR Codes – If anything, you might find it a little entertaining…..