Investing in yourself – what does it actually mean?

For one thing, investing in yourself doesn’t mean buying a new house or a fancy new car. Investing in yourself means something entirely different. Simply put, investing in yourself has to do with expanding your horizons by improving your knowledge. Read More


Small Business Trends to Look for in 2015

Small business owners need to start unfolding plans to help expand their sales and marketing efforts for 2015. What will the New Year have in store for you as a small business owner?


Discover a Significant Difference From Small Business Coaching

It’s hard to be a successful entrepreneur and not understand the significance of small business coaching. Entrepreneurs are widely known for their risk taking abilities. However, many entrepreneurs still lack the courage and overall confidence when seeking the professional guidance Read More


Corporate Training Budgets are Exceeding those of 2013

organizations face the challenges of reduced skills within levels of management and a widening gap with leaders and their overall capabilities. Managers have placed themselves out-of-touch with current trends, and doing business the old way is no longer an option


3 Signs You May Need Help with Your Small Business Part One

Do you question some of the costs associated with your budget, but unsure as to what they really are? Do you take into account all the hours put into your business, yet, you still believe that you should have done more? In essence, do you feel that there is something holding