The whole concept or idea of business coaching initially started from the sports arena. Think about it, almost every athlete in every type of sport has some kind of coach(s) or trainer(s). Even world class athletes utilize coaches who help train, improve, and enhance individual or team performance and abilities. The idea has simply been interchanged with the roles of leaders in the business world. Business leaders have realized the same methodology can work and be applied within a business environment. This allows executives, managers, and leaders the opportunity to improve and enhance overall performance and skills under the guidance and support of a business coach. At the same time, business coaching provides organizations with added opportunities such as including key personnel or employee team members who would benefit from the expert guidance. Of course, it’s crucial to understand from the onset, the role of a business coach is not to provide answers. Their primary function is to deliver a process or system that motivates and encourages leaders to discover the answers on their own.

Will you accept a business coach

Any relationship with a business coach must be defined at the very beginning. The role of a business coach can be your trusted advisor or simply a friend. Their process or system can also be a sounding board that provides important feedback. This relationship should be established as early as possible, and what’s more important, both you and your business coach need to accept the role if you want it to be successful. Make no mistake, a good business coach will push the envelope with business owners and leaders. This is part of the coaching process to help leaders grow professionally and to improve their role in the organizations success as well as their own success.

Remember who is in control

Some business owners and leaders may often think that a business coach is in control of the relationship. Think again. Yes, a business coach is an important and valuable resource to both you and your business. However, they are not in control of making decisions, taking actions, or even the relationship of any business owner or leader. Although, depending on the situation, business owners and leaders can structure an acceptable partnership with a coach, which helps to develop a process for better decision making and positive choices for individual and company growth. Remember though, final decisions will ultimately be made by individual leaders and not the business coach.

Putting it all together, the role of a business coach should be accepted and clear. Your coach can become a crucial part of your business, but keep in mind, they will always be outside looking in. A critical step in the relationship is making sure that specific guidelines be established at the start, which will help identify responsibilities and keep both parties in place.

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