Often, many people let the opportunity to become a leader pass them by.  Others, simply let go of the potential they have to fill leadership roles.  Why?  It’s simply the responsibility and complete understanding of what leadership really encompasses.

Of course, this doesn’t stop some people from self-promoting themselves with their own title of being a leader.  Yet, for these same people there is little understanding of what leadership truly means.  This also includes people who have been promoted from within, either through seniority or by management.  They may have been awarded the title of leader, but many of them eventually fail to deliver.

While being a leader may seem like an easy responsibility, it does require some basic traits and characteristics that makes leadership a responsible act.

Trust, service, influence and behavior all make up good qualities of a leader.  It’s your integrity and the trust that you earn from others that help define you as a good leader.  A leader knows their team and encourages them by elevating the members they work with.  They inspire others through character and hopefully those same people will imitate this type of behavior.

Leadership has little to do with power and money, but everything to do with character and trust.  Leaders must earn the trust of their organization, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is through service.

It doesn’t matter what rank, position or authority you might be given.  What matters as a leader is your ability to empower others.

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