In order to make your business relevant, you need to be unique …


Webster’s Definition Keys:

  • Sole:  Nothing like you or your company
  • Peculiar:  Strategically different
  • Unusual:  Different than the norm …Different than the competition
  • Unequaled:  Above all….. in quality, service, trust and respect


Always asking………….


  • What makes my company, its products, its service, its people unique?
  • What makes me as the business leader unique?
  • Where are the unique strengths in all of our people?
  • How do we meet change with our uniqueness?



The Relevance2 originators have been serving business leaders for nearly 30 years. Backgrounds of business study, business ownership and operations, MBA professorship along with lengthy experience in coaching and counseling have kept the originators well-grounded in helping leaders achieve success. But even more so has been the dedication to understand the needed balance of business leaders, both personal and career. Combining the positives of the past with increased dependence on technology, Relevance2’s forward leaning format becomes a business leader’s crucial resource for growing leaders, growing decisions and growing futures.

Relevance2 is a value laden business resource to serve the small to mid-sized company leaders and their organizations through the critical growth phases. It is in Relevance2 where a balanced group of non-competitor leader peers provide “unique minds at the table” to help one another. The monthly Relevance2 Retreat utilizes outside experts, workshops, mystery guests, personal case studies, and closed-door IOS candid discussions as its backbone. Leading up to the monthly Retreat are the important one-on-one member/facilitator consultations. Threaded throughout the retreat and consultation activities are the crucial “Four Anchors of Business Leadership”

1. Problem Solving
2. Planning
3. Team Leadership
4. Managing Change

It is this formula of action that has long served our members for nearly a quarter of a century …and propels us forward into the increasingly complex future that awaits all business leaders.

Have you decided to take action or are you just hoping you will? Relevance2 offers a unique strategy with an Idaho Business Coach, coupled with an executive peer group membership … a group consisting of strong successful business minds at the table …formulates a winning model where resources and strategies are invaluable to meet the challenges every business leader faces today. YES! I WANT TO SPEAK WITH RELEVANCE2