It wasn’t so long ago that few people really understood or were even familiar with the term business coach. Most people were more familiar with the terms business consultant or business advisors. While these terms are often used within the same context as business coaching, they really do not share the same classification. Today, there is more exposure and a growing knowledge base surrounding the term business coach. Additional exposure is happening with more and more experienced executives, leaders and entrepreneurs establishing there own firms and promoting business coaching services.

Of course, the biggest question that many leaders ask is, do I really need a business coach? Well, think about this? Take a look at every sports team from little league, high school, college, and even the professional arena. What is the one thing they all have in common? A coach! Obviously, some of you might be thinking, well that’s sports and not a business. True, but don’t be fooled. Sports coaching and business coaching may not be the same, but the idea and principles behind coaching are related.

Many of the top business owners and leaders of today have coaches. Why? It’s basically their method for continued personal and business growth and provides them with opportunities to deliver greater value. In fact, many top entrepreneurs and executives will have a team that often includes more than just one coach.

Your business will only be as good as you make it, and you can definitely do a good job on your own. Although, achieving greater success for yourself and your business may require outside assistance to help guide you. Making the choice of working with a business coach to guide you can ultimately be the difference between a business and a great business.

According to Forbes (2016) elite members of the Forbes Coaches Council outlined some of the top signs that signal business owners and leaders for the need to hire a business coach:

Need a Confidant
You Know What to Do But Don’t Do It
Not Getting The Results You Want
Save Time and Money
Listening Only To Your Own Ideas
Feeling Stuck and Frustrated by Others
You Want To Experience Business Growth

Almost every business owner or leader will encounter at least one of the signs listed above, if not more. Because of this, business coaching services are on the rise as business owners search for ways to help them become more outstanding and successful. Prince (2017) explains why there is an increased demand from entrepreneurs, established business owners and leaders who want to learn how their organizations can be more successful. And, the buzzword surrounding this increased demand is growth. Leaders who heed the warnings and seek out the services of a business coach are only going to increase over the next few years.


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